Unmatched Reach and Connection

Local Community Newspapers


Keep me informed about local events and activities


Inform me about important issues for my local area


Provide information that is relevant to me


Provide practical information which I find useful

A 2016 survey conducted by NewsMediaWorks strongly contends:

Regional news media, the number one source of information on local business, the most influential media for shopping and buying decisions and an essential connection to the local community for readers.

Newspapers are a reliable source of information.  They are an “on-demand” media.  Readers can read the content they want, when they choose to do so, at whatever the pace they like. This makes it easier for readers to find an ad, and keep it or return to it later.  Newspapers, in print and online, are a superior platform for providing detailed information.

They carry more content about local businesses than broadcast media, and make it easy for readers to find the information they want when it suits them.

Readers rate regional news media ahead of other media in building trust and engagement. 

Engagement is critical to advertising effectiveness. A number of studies have found engaging media can lift campaign performance across a number of important metrics, including ad recall, ad recognition  and message comprehension.

Results from this study shows regional newspapers to be the most engaging medium in the lives of readers, offering advertisers the perfect platform to deliver effective campaigns.

Community newspapers outperform every other media when it comes to providing information about their local communities, especially how to find businesses and services in their area. 

Local news media keeps readers connected to their neighbourhood. That’s why readers keep coming back for more.  This connection translates into a strong desire for readers to know what’s going on around them.  Newspaper media plays an important role in connecting readers to their community. 

They turn to their community newspaper to stay informed about news and issues affecting their area, to find out what events are happening in their locality and to get practical, relevant information that’s useful in their day-to-day lives.

Research shows regional news media offer advertisers a direct line to an audience with strong spending power.

One in three regional newspaper readers earns $80,000 or more per annum, and one in five earns over $120,000
Regional Queensland, Western Australian and all of the Northern Territory boast strong average household incomes compared with the national average.

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