he most recent Roy Morgan Research Centre survey (RAM – Regional Audience Measurement) into the readership of Country Press Association newspapers in Queensland showed local newspapers were read by many more people within the Country Press circulation areas than any other newspaper.


90% of adults had read at least one issue of the local newspaper in the last week.
An estimated 255000 people in Queensland aged 18 and over read an average issue of the local newspaper in the week prior to being interviewed.
The local newspaper is well read. The majority of readers (83%) read or looked at at least half the pages of the paper; in fact 35% claimed to have read or looked at every page.

And 73% of those who responded said that the local newspapers have advertisements that you can trust the most.
Most readers 99% gave a positive reason for reading, indicating that the strengths of local newspapers are in the provision of local news and information, advertising and sport information.

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Local people like to read local newspapers and local stories about their community, sport, events, celebrations, news, shopping and classifieds.

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