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overing an area of over 64,000 square kilometres, the Tablelands in Far North Queensland encompasses world heritage rainforests and crater lakes, savannahs and wetlands, as well as a range of rural and agricultural industries. It’s a place with natural treasures for tourists, part of the Savannah Way, and where the locals are optimistic about their future. Published every week, the Tablelander plays an important role in the life of this vibrant community.


ach and every edition of the Tablelander has the kind of news and information that really engages with the readers, gives them a voice, makes them feel part of the debate about local issues such as roads and schools, storm damage and the impact of floods or droughts. It’s a source of news, and a guide to local trades and services. Regular sections include Letters to the Editor, People & Places, Today’s Farmer, Real Estate, and of course a lot of Sport – all the winners and losers, all the heroes and the try-hards. There’s a real ‘connection’ between the Tablelander and the locals, and advertisers in this much-loved newspaper will also become a part of the Tablelands family.